• Rohini De-oiled Coconut Cake
  • Rohini Cattle Feed
  • Rohini Supreme Feed
  • Rohini Goat Feed
  • Rohini Calf Starter
  • Rohini Pig Feed

ROHINI De-oiled Coconut Cake is an ideal feed for cattle free of any toxic factor. The oil content of the cake is removed and there is no chance of fungus formation and damage when stored properly.

ROHINI Cattle Feed is the processed feed containing all the essential nutrients and energy in proportions required for the growth and milk production of cows. In manufacturing ROHINF Cattle Feeds we use nutrient rich de-oiled coconut cake as an ingredient. The quality of ROHINI Cattle Feed is checked at every stage of it's production and is supervised by qualified chemist and nutritionist.

ROHINI Supreme Cattle Feed is an economic high quality concentrate feed . It is made with various concentrate feed ingredients in suitable proportion. Commonly used ingredients in ROHINI Supreme Cattle Feed include grains, brans, protein meals, agro- industrial by-products, mineral, vitamins etc.

ROHINI Supreme Cattle Feed is palatable and good source of nutrients for growing adult, milk producing and pregnant animals. Regular use of ROHINI Supreme Cattle Feed in recommended quantity can optimize the cost of milk production and can increase net profitability.

ROHINI Goat Feed is a compounded feed for goats. This is made from nutrient rich coconut cakes, grains and brans with essential vitamins and minerals.It contains all the essential nutrients and will help to improve the milk producing capacity and overall health of goat.

ROHINI Calf Starter Pellet is an ideal feed for growing calves, made to suit their stomach for better digestion and to help them for faster development of stomach .This will enable them to get faster growth and weight gain . It helps the farmer to save a portion of milk usually recommended for calves in their early calf hood period.

ROHINI calf starter pellet is made with select items of easily digestible and nutrient rich feed ingredients .It is fortified with all essential minerals and vitamins. The nutrient contents of 'ROHM' Calf Starter Pellet confirms to the levels recommended for calves.

The primary objective of pig rearing is obtaining maximum body weight gain during the period of growth of Pigs. The feed that is offered to the pig during this period must be suitable to achieve theis objective. ROHINI PIG FEED is one such feed manufactured scientifically taking this factor into consideration. Good quality raw materials such as cereal grains, oil cakes, De-Oiled Cakes, Brans and supplements like vitamins, minerals etc. are used in the making of this feed. The farmers who are engaged in pig rearing can depend on this complete and balanced pig feed.